Learning to adapt, allowing for change and being totally calm about it!


Just a few years ago if you had told me I would be writing my first official blog post on being calm during major life changes I would have been confused, amused and probably laughed about it. But the truth is I have learned to be okay with changes however big or small and the fear of not knowing what the outcome may be no longer phases me.

How did I get to this place? To be perfectly honest I'm not sure I can accurately describe it but what I do know for certain is that I began to trust. I trusted that when I felt inclined to do something, talk to someone, go some place I felt that for a reason and I needed to go for it! The problem with this listening to myself thing is that it got in the way of my routines, my structure and the way I had designed my life to be very calculated; long story short I realized this perfectly structured way of living was quite frankly awful! 

Thankfully, I had been practicing yoga for a couple years with a solid daily practice and it took me up until I finished my first teacher training for me to really start applying the principles of yoga to my life. I learned that I am my best teacher and that when I listen to what I truly need amazing things happen, quite naturally too. Doors started opening up and I stopped saying no to opportunities simply because they interferred with the structured agenda I had set in place for myself. I started saying yes more; even the smallest event such as dinners with friends old or new presented me with more opportunities and my journey began to take on it's own unique shape that could no longer accomdate my former rigidity. 

Just over one year ago I was presented with the opportunity to move to Austin, TX for a one-of-a-kind culinary school program for plant-based (or health-supportive) chefs. Without hesistation I signed on and trusted my decision. Some part of me was terrified of moving not knowing where I find all the comforts of home in this new city but a much larger part of me was far too excited to let this fear have any say. I had to adapt. What I discovered? Adapting to new surroundings can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can give yourself. And no, you do not need to pick up your whole life and move to give yourself this type of experience but rather leaving yourself open to whatever crazy new experiences that might come your way and saying yes to them is enough to enhance your unique journey. 

So how do you adapt exactly? Depending on the severity of the life change you're making there can be a lot to deal with all at once! First, you need to breathe and realize everything is unfolding just the way it should be and the work is being done, perfectly. For every living being out there in this world there is another way of life, learning to stay calm as life changes is allowing for us to experience different ways of living life. The natural rhythm of life is a constant ebb and flow; regardless of where you are, what your doing or what changes are occuring in your life at the moment you can always come back to you, one of the easiest ways of doing that is the breath. That sacred connection to our own life-force called breath or prana is there to support us throughout our lives; using it during times of change provides us with a constant, steady calm. 

I can happily say that I've moved 6 times in the last two years and have allowed for several changes to take place in my life none of which have actually been scary or dissapointing in any way. Infact, the opposite occurred; freedom became my newest addiction and I am currently enjoying it every day. The thrill of allowing my journey to take on different shapes motivates me every day and it seems the more I trust the more people I meet who think similarly (some who are amazing beyond words), they too inspire me.

SO, with that I say trust and of course CARPE DIEM!