Creamy pesto linguine (vegan!)


Who doesn't love creamy-herby-pestoey pasta?! No one. Everyone loves pasta. In this recipe I combine my love for pesto with a walnut-basil pesto, alfredo with a lovely cashew cream, my favorite seasonal veggies and toss them with some whole wheat linguine! The best part? IT'S VEGAN. Boom.

You really can't mess this one up, if you don't have one of the ingredients listed IT'S OKAY, sub something else! One of my favorite things to do is taking a recipe and then making it my own, feel free to do that here, have fun and enjoy it! 

P.s. While enjoying this dish you may feel inclined to open your favorite bottle of wine and pretend you are in Tuscany....


Creamy Pesto Linguine (Vegan)

 Yield: 6 servings


1 package whole wheat linguine

1 red bell pepper, julienned

1 small yellow onion, julienned 

1 cup white mushrooms sliced

1 cup kale ribbed and chopped into bite sized pieces

2 tablespoons EVOO

2 tablespoons garlic, minced

1/4 cup italian parsley, minced


Cashew cream: 

1 1/2 cup cashews, soaked 6-8 hrs.

Juice of half a lemon 

2 tablespoons fresh thyme, minced

Salt and pepper to taste

Dash of cayenne



1 cup walnuts, toasted

1 1/2 cup fresh basil

1/2 cup EVOO

3 cloves garlic

Salt and pepper to taste


Cashew Cream: Place soaked cashews in soaking water (there should be enough water to cover cashews, you can add more if your mixture becomes too thick) into vita-mix or food processor, add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Adjust the seasonings to taste. 

Pesto: Place all ingredients into vita-mix or food processor and blend until smooth, adjust seasonings. 


Cook pasta according to package until al dente. In a large pan or braiser (iron skillet would work too) heat EVOO over medium heat and add garlic, heat until golden being careful to not burn garlic. Add the remaining peppers, onion and cook until peppers become slightly tender then add mushrooms and kale, sprinkle with salt, cook until tender. Add the pesto and cashew cream to the vegetable mix, stir until combined well. Add cooked linguine to the vegetable mix and combine well (tongs work great to separate the noodles). Serve immediately, garnish with chopped parsley, fresh ground pepper and enjoy!