The Importance Of Taking Time Off (& the changing of seasons!)

For the sake of getting straight to the point I will say this: I have been very busy as of late with all great things! All the while though I forgot to be grateful for it all (oops!). Amongst all the work, family, work outs, keeping up with friends, more work and other menial duties I really didn’t stop to think abut the fact that I have had the honor of carrying out all of these tasks and I am in fact very grateful for it all. However, the caveat with all this positive busy-ness is that I have begun to neglect myself and my needs and I have found myself on-edge a lot more than usual, worrying about all the things I need to get done, what I’m not tending to, how short the days can seem, how long others can seem, who I haven't connected with, how many things have gone less than perfectly…you get the point. But none of that actually is THE POINT; sed point is much larger then any of my trivial worries can ever amount to and with this knowledge one should be able to chill out and relax right? Well, yes but finding this sense of inner peace during times of chaos (good or bad!) I am finding this is an artfully composed dance, a dance around BALANCE. Give and take, ebb and flow, positive and negative; always in life there are existing forces of opposition and it is our greatest task to find something in between the two forces that inevitably take us in two totally different directions. All of this is good if we can somehow refrain from attaching “the story” to our emotions and situations that continuously occur throughout our lives, meaning when something, anything happens to us we immediately attach a story to it telling ourselves how to react and at that moment we decide if we are holding onto this emotion and story we have told ourselves. We do this constantly! And we are supposed to, we are human after all; perfection is not something we are going to be attaining anytime soon. 

    What can we do then? If we are stressed out, life keeps on happening regardless and it is important to realize we have the choice to discontinue attaching stories to the situations arising calling them “positive” or “negative”.  I feel this is becomes more relative during times of changing of the seasons (which means dietary changes and warm food!), yet another reminder of impermanence and when we let things flow freely we are giving ourselves permission to do what we need to and care for ourselves along the way. For me at least, I am always yielding the best results when I’ve trusted myself with being able to do what I need to in order to be productive while remaining very balanced in terms of rest and free time. It is no doubt a learned skill to practice mindfulness on a daily basis and break that skill out of your toolbox every time you feel stressed out but it’s one that’s benefits can last a lifetime. For me it works to be on the go all day and simply making time to cook a dinner from scratch at the end of the day or really get the most out a morning/evening practice or meditation to keep me going strong through the week. Every individual has their own unique needs and it is simply a process fingering out what works to balance you out; I believe we are all on the same boat educating ourselves through ourselves.

    That is why we need to make ourselves available for time for ourselves, no one else is going to that for us because no one else can, we are far too unique and our needs vary so greatly. Of course all of this being said it takes some figuring out and it is not easy for anyone, especially when you are working hard towards a goal and taking time for yourself seems like the last thing you should be doing. Success takes hard work, no doubt and I’m not advocating being on permanent vacation, rather incorporating a little vacation into each day and ensuring that getting “burnt out” never happens to you. Being able to give 100% every day is a challenge but one that I believe is accessible if we can tap into our true nature and learn where we need to relax, it really is all about the give and take. I write this all simply to share what I have learned on the subject through trial and error in my own personal experiences and I know this is an area I have been and will be working on indefinitely. My hope for all of you is that you may lead a life truly balanced all the while enjoying the wild ride! 

XOXO Kayla